Cowes Week

3rd – 10th August 2013

Cowes Week is one of the longest running and largest sailing regattas in the world. With 40 races each day, up to 1,000 boats and 8,500 competitors from Olympic champions to weekend sailors, it marks the peak of the racing and sailing social calendar.


Start/finish line at Cowes Week

Seaflex’s QHSE Manager, Ian Margham, will be racing during the week and with Seaflex providing the turning marks as well as the start and finish buoys off the Royal Yacht Squadron, he will find himself meeting a number of the company’s SeaMark inflatable buoys.

All races start from the Royal Yacht Squadron at the mouth of the very busy Cowes River, with ferries, freighters, oil tankers and cruise liners following the channel along the Solent, as well as hundreds (and hundreds!) of yachts. This can lead to some very near misses as wa shown in 2011 when a yacht was dismasted by an oil tanker.

Most of the time the event runs like clockwordk, but then it has been running since 1826, so they’ve had plenty of practice.

The event sponsors, Aberdeen Asset Management, have all the racing and social events on their website:

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